Possibly our youngest fan! Noah  LOVES  this story! The other day he was drawing and he said he wanted to go hang signs on the tree like the Hopeful Prince.

Possibly our youngest fan! Noah LOVES this story! The other day he was drawing and he said he wanted to go hang signs on the tree like the Hopeful Prince.




 Subject: The Perfect Message for Kids In The Internet Age

Review: A beautiful story, beautifully illustrated, that is perfect for our time in the age of Facebook when self-interest and popularity overshadow the path with heart. Without being preachy or didactic, the hopeful prince teaches his community the value of sharing, caring, and connecting with one another on a human level through our actions rather than shallow displays of power or glamour. Read this story to kids to make the world a better place for all of us!

~ Richard L

Review: A lovely book full of spot on positive vibes! What a delight to read such a thoughtful, heartfelt little treasure. Should be read to every boy and girl, to give them sweet spoonfuls of hope and inspiration. FIVE STARS.

~Temple Mathews


Review: Such a great story!  I love this book, I read it to my grandchild and now, every time I see her she wants me to read it again! It is a memorable book with a great message!

Sandra B.

Review: I bought the book for my three grandchildren. They loved the story so much that when the family was moving from Spokane to Kauai and mom wanted to leave it back as they could take too much with them, and they asked to keep just this one book ! Because they all loved it ages 9,7,and 2 years old ! Wonderful gift I was able to give them!   ---Paige DePonte

Review: Lovely story

Like many parents I have read books to all my children from the infant years until they grew too big for my lap. We spent hours sharing in these precious stories, reading and rereading and more rereading. The stories that were repeatedly read had created the familiarity and anticipation and became the beloved books in later years. Recently my children discovered these treasures and pulled out one after another, saying how much they loved the characters of one, the illustrations and/ or the message of another. The Hopeful Prince is one of these treasures that will continue to delight their readers. The story, rhythm and illustration weaves a thoughtful journey with a positive message.

---Suzy Demeter, Malibu Surfside News 

Review: Great story!  This book has become a great bed time story for my girls. They enjoy the beautiful illustrations and I really like the story line. It's a modern spin on childhood classics. And best part of all - it rhymes. ---Tina Miramonte.

Review: Spectacular!  The Hopeful Prince kept my children's attention the whole way through. The easy rhyme, beautiful message, and watercolored illustrations come together perfectly. As soon as I finished reading it, there were requests to "read it again!" This is a quality children's story in every way.---Elizabeth L.

Review: Hopeful indeed! I enjoyed your book very much and the story held my interest with every turn of a page! It's refreshing, inspiring, and uplifting. I look forward to reading this to my future grandbabies! Watercolor medium was a nice touch as well.

.---Joy Morgan

Review: What a wonderful message! I arrived from a trip out of town to my copy of The Hopeful Prince. It did not disappoint, I had purchased several copies to give as baby gifts and to also give to my great niece and nephew. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story, written in a rhythmic way, delivers a very positive message to children about life and what is most important. Thank you Page and Laura for your wonderful contribution to making a difference in children's lives and the way they view the world. This will be a favorite of all who receive it and I am so pleased to be the one that gifts it.  ---Collette P. 


Review:Heartwarming! Very inspirational! I loved reading this book, I want to share this story with everyone. Very well written and the illustrations are beautiful. I recently bought it for a 9 year old, she immediately read it & 20 minutes later picked it up again. Her mother told me she read it several times the rest of the night. Thank you Laura & Page, great work! Hope to see more of your work in the future.---Denise Low.








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